Our Story



See Scout Sleep wants to provide you and your pets with the very best life has to offer. We specialize in high quality, pet friendly, sustainable products for dogs, cats, and their humans. All of our products are designed to be beautiful and functional, a piece of art that can withstand the toughest love from your furry friends. Our pets are family, and we believe they should be treated accordingly!

Our products are created to brighten up your days and built to last for years to come.

See Scout Sleep was founded by Katie in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2011. Soon after, the company began its expansion into the European market. It’s now headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and run by Willemijn, our top dog! We use only high quality, super durable materials from the United States and Europe, including hemp fabric, organic cotton, solid brass hardware, and uniquely patterned ribbon. All of our products are sourced from the US and hand made right here in our Amsterdam headquarters, giving us complete manufacturing and creative control over our work. And before we introduce any item, we always make sure to test them out on our own beloved pets to make sure they are both durable and stylish.


See Scout Sleep is now run exclusively out of our Amsterdam headquarters, but we are still deeply connected to our American roots. Our former owner, Katie, has gone on to create an awesome interior design business called Logankillen Interiors, which we love to support. We also continue to import our material from the American South. In this way, the company still lives and breathes from the best of both worlds, combining American energy and aesthetic with European craftsmanship. Our company has grown from a few employees into a large group of pet-loving, beauty-appreciating internationals, who want nothing more than to bring you the absolute best for your four-legged friends.

Made with love,
from the See Scout Sleep family to yours.