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Nice Grill Cream + Vermillion 1/2″ and 1″ Standard Leash

Stand out in the crowd. Just like your best friend. This simple and graphic pattern makes everyone look good! Our vermillion and cream is as happy and bright as it gets. This color combination is made for blondes and brunettes alike!

  • L-NG-CV-SM
  • sss_collar_05
  • NG-CV-S
  • sss_collar_17

Please see our 1/2″(1,3cm width) leashes for the little guys.

Our standard leash is 4′-6″ (1,40 mtr) from the trigger snap clasp to the end of the handle loop. We find it to be the perfect length for giving you some space while keeping Buddy from pulling you over the place.


Hemp webbing. Nylon patterned ribbon woven in Tennessee. Brass hardware.

Our leashes feature a trigger snap clasp and pattern ribbon on both sides.

Made in Louisiana with love.

Care Instructions

Washing a See Scout Sleep leash is no biggy. Just throw in the delicate wash.



$ 42.00