Our Story



At See Scout Sleep, we specialize in gorgeous, high-quality, honest-to-goodness products for our beloved family members and friends, those with tails included. We enjoy the finer things in life, without doing concessions, and like to share our passion with as many like-minded folks as possible.

See Scout Sleep was founded in 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana, inspired by a dog called Scout. Soon after, the company began its expansion into the international market. It’s now headquartered for several years nearby Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Each of our products are made with high-end, super durable materials from the United States and Western Europe. We design and create all of our products in-house, using imagination, an eye for detail and great European workmanship.

Our design aesthetic is all about mixing and matching, combining opposites, and finding beauty in the unexpected. We take pride in our work, in merging function and comfort with beauty, colour with shape, texture with appearance.

Love knows no borders and neither do we. You can find us all over the globe, in the best high-end dog & cat boutiques, and concept-, fashion-, interior- and department stores. We’ve created this book to reach those who have the same passion as we do: a very big love for dogs, cats, and beautiful and honest products.

Keep up the love,

The See Scout Sleep Team


At See Scout Sleep, we are surrounded by all that we love: we hear the gentle pitter-patter of dog feet, the soft murmur of sewing machines, the sweeping sounds of our team cutting fabric, the click-click of the typing of emails or the camera shutter taking a photograph for our latest shoot, and we are happy. They are the most unique sounds in the world, existing only in our space and made by our very own, one-of-a-kind, pet-loving, passionate team. We have our own in-house production facility in the Netherlands near Amsterdam, where we make every item from start to finish.

We dream up our designs in-house and are inspired by what makes our pets and us happy. Because we care about the world and those around us, we are always focused on environmental and fair labour practices. We select only high-quality, sustainable material, including hemp webbing and fabrics, organic cottons, solid brass hardware, black-coated brass or stainless steel hardware, leather, recycled polyfill, and our uniquely patterned ribbon.

The heart of See Scout Sleep can be found in those who support us, and who let us create the things we love.