We see quality and beauty in all things, and we use this inspiration and passion to create our islands and beds for awesome dogs and cats around the globe. We make sure our products are beautiful enough for the homes of our customers and cool enough for their best friend.

The materials we use for each island and bed are selected for their beautiful colours, resilience, and high-quality organic fibers. Our hemp fabrics are not only gorgeous and strong, they’re also nonallergenic, breathable and durable, and have anti-bacterial properties. Hemp holds its shape and does not stretch like other natural fibers do. It dries quickly and is naturally resistant to mold.

Our islands and beds are sewn in our own production facility and hand-filled by our dedicated team with polyfill made from recycled plastic bottles. We design each item to fit any interior, be it modern, eclectic or traditional. And above all, our beds are designed to let every cat or dog dream in sweet comfort for years to come.


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