Our gorgeous martingales are especially created for the real Harry Houdini’s out there. They are the perfect choice for dogs that need a little more control than a regular designed collar, or for those that can slip out off their collars easier than others, depending on their fur texture or shape of their neck compared to their head.

Our martingale makes it hard for a dog to slip free as our martingale tightens slightly when the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much where it will choke the dog or harm the neck in any way. The martingale allows to give slight corrections, but it is much gentler than a choke, slip, or prong collar. Our martingales are handmade of strong hemp webbing, solid brass or black hardware, and our signature patterned ribbons.

Our hemp webbing is not only gorgeous and strong, it’s also non-allergenic, breathable, durable, and has anti-bacterial properties. It feels soft and comfortable on the skin.

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