Braveheart Cream & Black Cat Collar

Braveheart Cream & Black Cat Collar


Our Braveheart Cat Collar in cream and black is purrfect for the little lion in your pack. Designed with a fearless print, safety release buckle, and little bell, our cat collars are both functional and fashionable. Meee-ow!


Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Pattern colours

Black, Cream

Hemp colour


Available sizes

One size: 1/2 inch / 1,3 CM width. 16,5 cm -27 cm / 6,5 inch-10,60 inch.

Materials used

All of our cat collars are made from hemp webbing, nylon ribbon, and have a safety release buckle. The cat collars are light weight and have a little bell.

Care instructions

Washing a See Scout Sleep cat collar is no biggy. We find the BEST way to clean our collars is to: 1. Soak in warm water with a mild soap or oxygenated cleanser for about 15 minutes or so. Please do remove the little bell before washing the collar. 2. Air dry only. DO NOT HEAT DRY.