All Reverse Denim island with black pompoms

All Reverse Denim island with black pompoms


No cat is an island, but they can certainly relax on one! Our 100% organic Reverse Denim Island features an inner and outer bed: the outer bed is made with a dirt and moisture repellant coating and finished with playful pompoms, while the inner bed is made from unbleached muslin and stuffed with fiber-fill made from recycled plastic bottles. Both the outer and inner beds are machine washable, sustainable, and ridiculously good looking. Our Islands also give your feline family members a little space completely their own, while also protecting your furniture from shedding. Nothing but the best for our cat companions!

Diameter: 55 cm / 21.7″
Height: 12 cm / 4.7″


Our islands are meant to be used on your beloved chair, sofa, or floor to help protect your little buddy’s favorite spot. Great for travel too!