To properly measure your dogs harness size, measure at the widest part of the neck leaving at least 2 fingers worth of space between the harness and neck. Do the same if you measure the middle of your dog, take care you measure the girth of the middle 2 inch/ 5 cm behind the elbow. sizeguide-final

SizeGirth neck (min-max)Girth middle (min-max)Width hemp webbing
XS6-10 IN / 17-25 CM12-17 IN / 31-43 CM ½ IN / 1,3 CM
S10-16 IN / 26-42 CM15-22 IN / 38-56 CM½ IN / 1,3 CM
M15-25 IN / 39-63 CM22-33 IN / 57-84 CM1 IN / 2,5 CM
L17-28 IN / 44-71 CM26-39 IN / 66-99 CM1 IN / 2,5 CM
XL22-37 IN / 57-94 CM30-44 IN / 76-111 CM1 IN / 2,5 CM

CUSTOM SIZES: Does your pooch not fit in any of the above sizes? We also make custom orders, please send an email to hello@seescoutsleep.com for a custom order.

SIZE / BREED INDICATION XS: Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher / S: Pug, Dachshund, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / M: French bulldog, Beagle / L: Labrador retriever, Boxer, Staffordshire bull terrier / XL: Rottweiler, German shepherd

Out Of My Box Marigold & Cream Harness

 85,00 115,00

Our Out of My Box pattern in marigold and cream is for all of the extraordinary pups who think outside the box and march to the beat of their own drums!

Our harnesses let your beloved pups strut their stuff in stylish comfort. Made from our quick-dry hemp webbing, patterned ribbon, and lightweight brass hardware, each harness is designed with five adjustable points to precisely and comfortably fit your dog. All of our harnesses will soften with continued love and use.